Danene Winkler

published Sep 14, 2023

I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Wayne Foreman through a mutual contact in March of 2021. At that time Wayne was looking for resources in the market to support him in his goals of growing and scaling CDF, which was almost half the revenue that it is now (end of 2023). Over the months and years, I have seen a conscious effort from Wayne to first, invest in his people and build an amazing culture for them. You can tell his people feel valued by him and in turn give 100% to their roles. I think this is a large reason Wayne has seen exponential growth since 2020. Outside of his team, he has also invested in his technology and finding ways to be cutting edge in his industry. His ability to think outside of the industry norm has played a key role in his success. Lastly, I have seen Wayne bring on strategic hires that filled the gap in talent that he needed. Through all he has experienced and learned through these strategic investments, I believe he will making a fantastic mentor for others. You will not regret knowing Wayne Foreman.

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