Owner Exit Strategy & Planning

Letting go isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the right move for your business and personal life. Our experts ease the transition from one leadership team to the next, ensuring your legacy remains intact.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Is your business in good hands? That’s the number one thing on your mind as you prepare to pass the baton to your successor(s). We get it. What you’ve built is precious to you, and it reflects who you are and what you believe. You need to trust that whoever takes over for you can carry on your values while bringing your business into the future. We can’t make these decisions for you, but we can guide you through your exit from start to finish.

Foreword Companies brings decades of collective business experience to your company. We’ll work with you closely to grasp your business’ vision, culture, operations, and more. That way, we’ll have a clear picture of your brand identity and goals. We’ll also do a deep dive into your personal goals. You don’t have to have all the answers, either—it’s our job to get to the heart of what you want and what your company needs before you go.
In a nutshell, our experts will help you:

  • Develop an exit strategy based on your goals

  • Identify and prepare the best candidates for promotion, training, and succession

  • Recruit candidates from outside the organization to fill gaps if necessary

  • Understand your business' current financial situation

  • Switch gears based on changes in your business and industry

  • Exit on your terms with full confidence in the future

Our Values

With God at the core of everything we do, we help people and their businesses grow at the most fundamental level. The traditional nuts-and-bolts approach to diagnosing obstacles doesn’t cut it for us—we get to know you and your goals to spark true transformation.

Our Mission

We strive to help people and businesses of all stripes become the best versions of themselves—to move forward together.

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