Angel Investing and Business Accelerator

You’ve got a great idea, a smart business plan, and a strong sense of your audience. Without capital, however, you’ll have a hard time getting off the ground. That’s where Foreword Companies comes in. We want to be a part of the next generation of big ideas by offering our resources and experience to businesses like yours.

Start Strong and Leap Over Hurdles

Every startup needs some cash to turn those bright ideas into something real and sustainable. Seed money won’t do the tough work for you, but it will give you options, whether it’s finding a great location for your office, providing new technology for your operation, developing a strong brand identity, or conducting market research. Even businesses that have gotten past the startup phase may need intermittent cash infusions as they continue to grow. Leveling up is exciting, but it can go wrong in all kinds of ways if the funds aren’t there to back up your next major move.

We love investing in businesses we believe in. When we invest in a company, we’re committing to its ongoing success. After all, your success is our success, and vice versa. By bringing funds and expertise to the table, Foreword Companies helps startups and established companies alike accelerate their growth in optimal ways. More importantly, we become your partner and help you make decisions that yield the biggest returns.

Here’s what we can do for your business:

  • Provide seed money to get your operation off the ground

  • Offer cash infusions to get over hurdles and relieve growing pains

  • Monitor your financial situation to ensure sustainable growth

  • Aid in financial decision making

  • Develop and refine strategies for increasing cash flow and reducing costs

Our Values

With God at the core of everything we do, we help people and their businesses grow at the most fundamental level. The traditional nuts-and-bolts approach to diagnosing obstacles doesn’t cut it for us—we get to know you and your goals to spark true transformation.

Our Mission

We strive to help people and businesses of all stripes become the best versions of themselves—to move forward together.

Let’s Talk About Your Business

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